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The Mall of Asia Arena houses cutting-edge facilities

With a land area of an impressive 64,085 square meters, the Mall of Asia Arena is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and world-class facilities. The Mall of Asia Arena’s eye-shaped exterior seeks to channel the message that every single event to be held in its premises will surely be a “feast for the eye”.

The Mall of Asia Arena, with its massive all-glass facade, can accommodate a seating capacity of 15,000, with a full-house capacity of 20,000. This five-level ultramodern events venue also boasts of Robbins floorings, eight-sided, center-hung scoreboards by Daktroniks, retractable Spalding basketball goals and an LED ribbon boards—all of NBA standards. CCTV cameras will be provided by Mobotix, the same company that equips the Vatican Apostolic Library at the Vatican with professional-grade, high-resolution security devices.

The Mall of Asia Arena also employs the leading edge plug-and-play set-up that can enable live beaming through SM Cinema theatres nationwide.

For its patrons’ maximum convenience, the Mall of Asia Arena is designed with 16 comfortable smoking lounges. For ease-of-access, there are 10 elevators available in the premises. 34 units of escalators are also employed, with 8 units in each of the floors. To add, special access lanes for PWDs are also provided for.

To comply with international standards, the Mall of Asia Arena also has four dug-outs, a mess hall for an event’s technical team, a room exclusive for press conferences and even a special area for meet-and-greet affairs.

Parking-wise, the Mall of Asia Arena has more than 2,000 parking spaces located on the south side of the mall, with an additional 1,400 more accessible at the neighboring Mall of Asia Arena Annex (MAAX) building.

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